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We understand combating all kinds of risks or violence in your social life
inescapably involves protecting you as an individual.

At any time, whether it is day or night, at home or work or even whilst travelling,
Bodyguard Agency ensures your personal and  professional interests are
safeguarded. We recognise your right to privacy and act in complete discretion and in compliance with the law.

We take on board your worries and fears, and after a methodical analysis of the
situation at hand,  Bodyguard Agency implements a solution which is both
appropriate and effective.

Whether you have risks related to your job or celebrity status, whether you are a corporate leader or media figure, your personal protection is our goal.

We will use our know-how and field experience to meet your expectations on a daily basis, or for a one-off occasion.

Whilst travelling under our escort, we will ensure your safety, wherever you may be working, spending an evening out or enjoying leisure pursuits. We will also
guarantee your safety when you are within the confines of your home.

Bodyguard Agency offers continuous advice, risk evaluation and pre-emptive action, assistance with logistic organisation and protection personnel who can be at your side in risky or unexpected situations.

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